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Amazing Age #1-5 bundle (full series)


Experience the beginning of the "Amazing Age" saga with all five issues of the limited series!

Witness the fantastic journey of Sam Charleston and his friends Violet and Mike as they get sucked into the world of comic books that Sam created when they were kids. As the three teens realize that they must become heroes in this new world, it also becomes clear that a faction of villains known as The Chosen want Sam and his friends eradicated!

Excitement, adventure, and action all rolled up in a classic superhero tale that will be loved by fans of "Teen Titans", "New Mutants", and "Stranger Things"!

Only $6 for all 5 issues! Or for an extra $1.50, you can the Amazing Age sticker bundle with your comics!

All five issues feature a glossy cover with full color newsprint pages inside for that vintage feel! Written by Matthew David Smith with artwork by Jeremy Massie and Christine Brunson.